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How to Apply for 8(a)

The 8(a) certification is for firms that are deemed by the SBA to be owned by individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged. The largest business development tool of the 8(a) program is the award of primary Federal contracts to the 8(a) concern. This is done through competitive 8(a) contracts or through set-aside contracts for the individual 8(a) concern.

How to apply to the 8(a) program (you will need to assemble the following documents from your business records.)
1.    Business Organization Information
2.    Federal Income Tax Returns (personal and business)
3.    Financial statements of the business (historical and interim)
4.    History of the business
5.    Organizational Chart
6.    Resume(s)
7.    All financing arrangements
8.    Bonding information for the firm
9.    Business premises arrangements or lease agreements
10.    Business equipment arrangements or leasing arrangements
11.    Business and professional licenses
12.    Management, consulting or other agreements
13.    Proof of business insurance
14.    All information regarding affiliated entities
15.    Marketing information, brochures, etc.
16.    Corporate minutes
17.    Any shareholder agreements and purchase agreements
18.    Stock certificates and stock ledger
19.    By Laws or Operating Agreement
20.    Articles of Incorporation/Organization
21.    Franchise Agreements/Distributorship Agreements
22.    Joint Venture Agreements
23.    Contracts the company has performed on
24.    Reference Letters
25.    Invoices that company has generated

The following forms and documentation are required to be completed as part of your application package:
1.    SBA Form 1010A – 8(a) Personal Eligibility Statement
2.    SBA Form 1010B – Business Eligibility Statement
3.    SBA Form 413 – Personal Financial Statement
4.    SBA Form 912 – Statement of Personal History
5.    SBA Form 4506 – Request for Copy of Transcript of Tax
6.    SBA Form 1623 – Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters
7.    FD 258 – Fingerprint Card (case specific)
8.    Social and Economic Disadvantage Narrative

The SBA is very particular to the completion, formatting and documentation that goes along with each of the parts of the 8(a) application. Over 70% of all 8(a) applications are returned due to lack of completeness or due to the 8(a) application being out of order. If you have had your application returned or do not have the time to complete this application give us a call and let us take the headaches out of the 8(a) process.