8(a) SBA Business Plan Form 1010c

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Once a firm receives its 8(a) certification letter in the mail there is an additional step prior to being able to perform on 8(a) contracts. That step is the form 1010c business plan that must be submitted to your local SBA specialist. Form 1010c is not a typical business plan. It is reviewed by your SBA specialist at your local SBA office. Once the 8(a) letter of acceptance has been received in the mail, the next step is to schedule the meeting regarding form 1010c with your firm’s SBA specialist. Form 1010c can be completed in advance of this meeting, and if the SBA specialist is satisfied with the business plan at that meeting, the firm may become eligible to begin bidding on government projects using its 8(a) certification immediately. If form 1010c is deemed deficient, at that meeting the applicant will be required to amend the form and resubmit it at the next scheduled meeting usually a month later. If the newly certified 8(a) firm goes to the initial meeting with the SBA specialist without form 1010c, the SBA specialist will go over the form with the 8(a) applicant and schedule a meeting for the first review of the business plan usually in a month’s time.

An 8(a) firm only holds its 8(a) certification for nine years, so delays in final go-head due to lack of preparation on form 1010c will cost the firm valuable time that will never be replaced.’s 1010c 8(a) business plan service ensures an expedited 1010c approval process by giving the SBA specialist understanding that the 8(a) firm is ready to bid on government jobs.