About Advance 8a

Advance 8a is part of Argentum Consulting Corporation, a professional consulting firm specializing in government certifications as well as GSA Schedule Contracts. Advance 8a’s sister brand is Advance GSA which handles GSA Schedules as well as a wide variety of federal contracting vehicles.

Advance 8a provides a high level of service by having a lead analyst on all 8(a) applications as well as other specialists such as CPAs and Professional Writers whose expertise can be drawn upon depending upon an applicant’s given set of facts. This approach produces proven results of timely applications with high probabilities of success.

Other services we provide are 8(a) application reviews, narrative writing, 1010c business plans, 8(a) annual review services as well as all other SBA Certifications.

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Free consultation to determine eligibility and, review potential obstacles
Retainer letter and non-disclosure agreement to protect our client's privacy
Consultation with application checklist preparer. Interviews with Social, Economic and Two-Year Waiver narrative writers
Final review of the application
Answer SBA Business Opportunity Specialist's inquiries
Receive SBA Certification Letter