What Is 8a Certification Contracts? Know All Benefits and Details

Small and disadvantaged firms can apply for entry into the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) certification development program. The contracts, which are awarded to the 8(a) firms using special SBA 8(a) certification processes, are regarded as 8(a) contracts. Essentially, SBA comes into contracts with several federal agencies and SBA subcontracts out to the participants who are eligible in the 8(a) certification business development program of SBA's.

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What is the 8(a) program?

The 8(a) certification program is a program intended for assisting small and disadvantaged businesses. It provides a wide opportunity of assistance to companies, who are controlled and owned by economically and socially disadvantaged entrepreneurs. With it, eligible entrepreneurs can gain a foothold into government contracting.

Benefits of the program

Participants can obtain Sole-Source Contracts, up to $44 million for services and goods and $6.5 million for manufacturing. While we assist 8(a) companies to develop their institutional and competitive know-how, we also inspire them to partake in competitive attainments.

8(a) certified companies are able to form teams and joint ventures to bid on contracts. This improves the ability of 8(a) certified companies to complete major contracts and overcome the consequences of contract bundling, by combining contracts together into a larger one.

SBA’s Mentor-Protégé program improves the capability of 8(a) certification applicants to compete for federal government contracting more successfully. This program is designed to encourage the approved mentors to offer different kinds of support to qualified 8(a) certification applicants as protégés.