3x Learn How We Use GSA Schedule Contracts to Triple Your 8(a) Firm’s Federal Sales

Select your industry below to see the average 8(a) sales for your industry as well the sales from our 8(a) + GSA Combination Strategy.

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8(a) Average Sales this Industry   GSA Schedule Sales for a firm with an 8(a) in this Industry   Synergy (Generally adding an 8(a) to a GSA Creates More Sales than from the GSA Schedule Alone)   Synergy Ratio
8(a) Industry Grouping Total 8(a) Federal Sales Number of 8(a) Firms Average 8(a) Sales   GSA Schedule Only Sales 8(a) Firms Number of 8(a) Firms w/ GSA Schedule Average 8(a) Sales Directly from the GSA Schedule System   Total Federal Sales 8(a) GSA Contract Holders Number of 8(a) Firms w/ GSA Schedule Average Total 8(a) Federal Sales for firms with a GSA Schedule   GSA Schedule Sales Advantage

Real People, Real Stories

Interested? Qualify Yourself in 3-Minutes Using Our Tool

Use our Qualification tool to see if you are eligible to grow your firm utilizing the 8(a) Certification

8(a) Qualifications

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Step 1

Social Disadvantaged

Pass Issue Fail Incomplete Clarifications

Clarification 1: People with Heritage from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal) are considered Hispanic for proving social disadvantage.

Clarification 2: People from the Middle East and North Africa can successfully apply, however they need a solid narrative.

Clarification 3: Native Alaskans, and Hawaiians often overlook their social disadvantage status.

Clarification 4: The Social Disadvantaged Individual or group of individuals needs to own 51% or more of the firm.

Is the 51% owner(s) of the firm U.S. Citizens

Is 25% or more of your blood heritage from a minority group or do you have a tribal card from a state or federally recognized Native American Indian Tribe?

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