Improve Government Marketing with Effective 8a Certification Process

Do You Want to “Play to Play” or Are You Wanting a Strategy?

The most important question you need to be asking yourself right now is if your goal is to obtain an 8(a) Certification or if is it to do great business with the federal government. The question I am posing to you is are you “Playing to Play” or do you want to have a Strategy for selling to the government?

Our firm strongly believes that eligible firms should obtain the 8(a) Certification. We have been an agent of change and have seen firsthand how these certifications greatly increase a firm’s ability to be successful in the federal marketplace. But obtaining the certification by itself is simply “Playing to Play.” Firms that are playing to win look at the numbers and know if they are going into the federal marketplace, they must possess a GSA Schedule. They also need a partner that can obtain these Governmentwide Acquisition Contacts for them as well as make them aware of what other prominent Governmentwide or IDIQ contracts they should apply for in the future.

Once you have these advantages in place, your next goal is to target three specific agencies and over the first four months of your federal marketing, funnel this down to a single agency in which you become hyper-focused. This is how your Federal Strategy first takes root with adjustments made along the way.

If your goal is to "Play to Play" and assess the market to “see what happens,” at least know there is a more strategic way. We can still help you obtain your 8(a) Certification, but this is the winning formula we have seen play out many times and it leads to a greater valuation for your firm.

The Government Marketing Pieces listed on the page will give you the ability to develop and move forward into the Federal Marketplace with a Strategy give us a call and we can help you tailor a plan.

Services We Provide to Support Our Strategy

1. Government Bid and Proposal Writing – We have expert proposal writers with over a decade of experience who have helped clients be awarded multimillion-dollar contracts. This service is provided on a contract and case-by-case basis. Call us and we will give you a quote.

2. 8(a) Marketing Consulting – We have consultants who were owners of past 8(a) firms who can travel to your facility on a prescribed annual plan; for smaller budgets they can become as involved as you would like. The money that is spent on this service will take years off building this institutional knowledge on your own.


3. Joint Venture Marketing

For new 8(a) firms that are trying to break into the government marketplace, we can help find and set up a joint venture arrangement. We customize our search based upon the expertise of the 8(a) client and their geographical location.

4. GSA Schedules

For clients who are looking for broader access for their products and services to federal buyers, a GSA Schedule is a great way to help federal buyers find your products and services. A GSA Schedule holder receives as part of their schedule a listing on GSA Advantage. GSA Advantage is where federal buyers, look for federal contractors. GSA schedules are typically not applicable to construction firms.

Feel free to give us a call and we will discuss any of these services with you.