Social Disadvantage Narrative

Product Description
This package is designed to aid applicants who otherwise have the technical expertise to successfully complete the 8(a) application on their own, but would like assistance in writing the Socially Disadvantaged Narrative to increase the likelihood of success for their application. For most 8(a) applications this is the most important piece in the 8(a) certification process. If the owner cannot prove he or she is Socially Disadvantaged the application cannot move forward regardless of other data contained within the application.

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The narratives that must be written as part of the 8(a) certification seek key life details in order to establish proof that a person is a member of a socially disadvantaged class of people living in America, thus their business needs help because they do not have access to many of the normal business contacts that a non-socially disadvantaged person might have. Simply being in a presumed socially disadvantaged class of people is not enough to establish socially disadvantaged status; there is simply far less burden placed upon someone in terms of required evidence of being socially disadvantaged by the SBA. Groups such as Caucasian females can pass the SBA’s rigid requirements for proving socially disadvantaged status with a strong narrative detailing the merits of the individual’s case.