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8a – GSA (combination)

Small Disadvantaged Businesses & 8a firms receive approximately $2.8 billion through the GSA Schedule program annually.

GSA / 8a American Recovery Act
The GSA received $5.85 billion through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act with the mission of converting federal buildings into high-performance green spaces. The money is also to be spent on greening the federal fleet, and renovating buildings, courthouses, and land ports of entry. The GSA portfolio consists of many large capital construction projects that were previously unavailable for small businesses. This presented a unique challenge for the GSA to meet its small business goals. Despite this challenge, the GSA is committed to small businesses at both the prime and subcontract level.

Examples of Minority GSA Contracts:
Rios Associates, a Los Angeles bases Hispanic-owned firm, won $300,000 to develop sustainable landscapes for GSA buildings. OKE Thomas and Associates, Missouri based African American owned firm, won a $16 million dollar contract as part of the GSA Recovery Act for multiple building projects. Epsilon Systems Solutions, San Diego California based company owned by Asian Americans won a $350,000 contract to provide technical expertise for the GSA Recovery Act.

GSA Minority Owned Stats: 19,000 GSA Schedule Contract Holders, 15,000 are small businesses. Currently there are 2,331 small disadvantaged businesses with GSA Schedules. There are approximately 4,352 minority owned businesses of which 3,996 are small businesses. For more information on how to apply, you may call us at 513-843-4288 or visit our website at Our 8a consultants will be glad to assist.