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8(a) Certification Importance

Getting an 8(a) Certification is a course altering event for most businesses. An 8(a) utilized properly can easily increase profits and business growth. Unfortunately because of this the SBA must put a high level of scrutiny on all applicants. The result is that only approximately 10-15% of applying firms that do not seek outside guidance are successful. This is where Advance 8(a) provides the client with the greatest benefit. Our most popular package is our full service package; however we have other service offerings such as review and narrative writing services. Even if you intend on performing your 8(a) application on your own call us for a free consultation and we will help you to determine if your firm qualifies for the 8(a) program.

There are many benefits of an 8(a) application such as reducing the number of firms competing for a specific government job, not having to be the lowest priced firm because of your 10% price preference, and being eligible for mentor / protégé programs that will increase the breadth of your industry experience. However, the top reason our clients become 8(a) certified is to gain access to sol source non-competitive contracts up to $3.5 Million. If you have ever considered going after your 8(a) certification, but did not know the best place to start, give us a call. It is free and we will get you moving towards your 8(a) goal.