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8a Certification Details

Getting an 8a certification is a course altering event for most businesses. An 8a utilized properly can easily increase profits and business growth by millions of dollars. Unfortunately because of this the SBA places a high level of scrutiny on all 8a applications. The result is that only 10-15% of applying firms that do not seek outside guidance are successful. Therefore many firms get discouraged or give up after their first attempt at 8a. We have heard many clients complain that “if it is this hard to complete the application then the red tape in obtaining federal contracts is probably even worse,” causing the firm to lose interest in 8a. In actuality the purpose of an 8a certification is so the 8a firm can receive sole-source set-aside contracts up to $4.5 million for products and services and $6.0 Million for manufacturing. Sole-source set-aside contracts eliminate the “red tape” and greatly increases the speed in the award of contracts.

Many also think that 8a is only for Construction and IT. It is true that those two industries account for approximately 70% of all 8a firms. However there are many federal opportunities for niche players in the federal marketplace.

If you have thought about getting 8a in the past but have gotten discouraged and given up. Give us a call and we can discuss with you about getting this done. Here is a link to our website as well.