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8(a) Business Transformation

Companies that have under $1 million in annual revenue entering the 8(a) program are billing over $20 million five years into the program. These types of results are possible when a firm becomes 8(a) certified, and takes full advantage of this certification.

Free 8(a) Market Analysis

Eligible company owners do not always realize the large potential benefit that their firm can derive from an SBA 8(a) certification; because of this Advance 8(a) now offers a free 8(a) market analysis so that you can see the amount of business similar companies that have been 8(a) certified in your geographic area have received. Remember, 9,000 8(a) firms are targeted for 5% of all US Federal spending!

Free 8(a) Qualification Consultation

Determining your firm’s eligibility is the first step towards becoming 8(a) Certified. We offer a free initial consultation for your company in order to make this determination. In many cases a firm that is not ready to apply for 8(a) needs to make only some minor changes and will be ready to apply in a few months.

Please give us a call 303-419-7293 and have us help you take the next step towards becoming 8(a) certified.