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8a business development program Make it work for your firm

The goal of the nine year 8a business development program is to prepare a company that is both socially and economically disadvantaged to make the next step in becoming a federal prime contractor. It has been our experience that firms with a clear marketing plan utilizing joint venture and mentor protégé agreements are typically the group that is does the best at using the 8a certification to move to the next level. It takes the full nine years for a socially and economically disadvantaged business to become large enough and experienced enough to be able to compete in the federal marketplace without the advantages of the 8a designation.
The link below is to our ez8a pre-qualification tool so you can make a determination if your company is currently in a position to submit a successful application. If you are thinking that doing business with the government is “probably not worth it!” be aware that many 8a firms that never had a federal contract in the past do millions of dollars in revenue in their first year alone. Many our client firms reach their NAICS code limits for being a small business just 5 years. Having a well orchestrated plan is the key to your firms 8a success and we can help you create and implement that plan.

Feel free to call ez8a from a free 10-15 minute phone consultation to determine if your firm is a good candidate for an 8a certification. 513-843-4288