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Why Should You Bother Getting a GSA Schedule Contract?

Do you have an interest in selling your products or offering your professional service to the federal government and its various agencies? Yes! But, the problem lies in the fact that you’re not sure as to whether a GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule Contract is at all worthy of the cost and effort you have to put together! Just take a look at these stats –

 The different agencies under the Federal Administration prefers buying chiefly from GSA Schedule holders
 The federal market is huge for any business to take benefit from and establish itself as a self-sustaining organization
 By the end of the 2010 financial year, sales from GSA Schedule Contract holders exceeded a whopping $38.8 billion.
 The federal agencies are by far the world’s richest and largest clients you’ll ever get

Nowhere will you get direct access to these huge clients to sell your products and get paid handsomely for your service. Aren’t these reasons enough for you to go for a GSA Schedule Contract?

Before you move forward with the process of getting this highly coveted business certification, we give you an insight into the GSA Schedule Contract and some insider info you must know about.


The Different Names of GSA Schedules

 Yes, you read it right! The GSA Schedule Contract is commonly referred by different names. These are – Federal Supply Schedule, GSA Listing, GSA Contract, MAS, GSA Number, GSA Schedule, and so on, all referring and representing the same thing. But no matter by what name it is being referred; the GSA Schedule Contract holds the key to your small business success in the United States of America.


Knowing the GSA Basics

 GSA Schedule is a contract that offers 3 five-year contract options for certified businesses. The contract is applicable ‘government-wide’, which means, under the contract you can sell your products/ offer professional small business help to any Federal Governmental Agency besides other government related organizations operating throughout the nation.

With a GSA Contract in your company’s repertoire you can bag federal contracts fast and without undergoing the conventional process for contracting, which involves a tedious wait of 268 days to get over. Most of us have a notion that the procurement and the contracting officers of the federal government actually ‘like’ this long and tedious process of hiring a business to take care of their specific need. But, it’s not true! They too want to process the work fast. Thus, if your company is a GSA contract holder, you’ll stand a good chance to bag the contract in the first place.


The Power of GSA You Never Knew

 Did you know that?

  There’s a GSA e-Library where you can find all the federal purchasers listed
 All businesses that hold the GSA Schedule Contract have access to the GSA’s e-Buy platform
 Holding a GSA certification can help you bag a federal contract in just 15 days’ time

True! This coveted small business certification is the US Government’s most preferred way of segregating and recognizing potential enterprises and offering them the opportunity to serve the nation by way of offering them business contracts from its own federal agencies and related organizations.

So, the next time you wonder what benefits does GSA Schedule Contract holds for my business, read this post once again!