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Is Your Business Eligible for Obtaining The GSA Schedule Contract?

You might be wondering whether at all your business needs to be accredited by the GSA, right? True, that most businesses in the United States are rather slow to realize the true benefits of having their enterprise secured with a GSA Schedule Contract award. It is a fact that while you want to get your business its due recognition from the federal certifying authority, there are certain steps involved and that is where most applicants falter or rather make mistakes. Any error during the GSA application results in delay or even canceling of the schedule application process. That is why a GSA schedule consultant is the one whom you should make an appointment with in the first place! Before you start planning it is crucial that you know whether your business is eligible for the schedule contract award or not. Read on to know more.


 Financially Stable

 Yes, companies that have a good financial stability are preferred over those that are not ‘stable’ in terms of the assets they hold, while applying for the GSA Schedule Contract. So only if your company has a good financial foundation, then go ahead and apply for the schedule contract.


Minimum Two Years of Market Exposure

 This is a crucial requirement for any firm that is applying for the schedule contract. The General Services Administration (GSA) authority has made it compulsory that all applicants to its prestigious schedule contract program must have a prior experience in the respective market in similar role for minimum 24 months (two years), failing which candidature stands risk for cancellation.


Past Performance of the Company

 GSA authorities have made it clear that all the applicants to GSA Schedule Contract must put up a good and clean record of serving end users / past and present customers, before applying for the coveted contract award. All the past records of the company relating to client interaction, good or bad, are to be submitted to the GSA and the authority after looking into the respective documents will make the final call.


Commercial Availability of Goods or Products

 The GSA schedule contract awarding authority has made it compulsory for all schedule applicants to ensure that all the goods and products they wish to enlist in the GSA market list, post contract approval, must be available commercially across the country to the general public/ buyers. In other words, before making a product available for sale to the federal buyers, the same products should be available commercially in the public markets.


TAA Approval

 GSA Consultants often point out another important criterion of GSA schedule contract eligibility which is often missed. This concerns the necessity of having all of your products (intended for GSA certification) to have TAA approval. TAA stands for Trade Agreements Act and products manufactured within USA or designated countries as specified by the TAA can only be certified by the GSA Schedule Contract.

 A GSA Schedule Consultant can help you with understand the fine print before you apply on behalf of your company to get due accreditation from the GSA for selling your products to the government owned businesses and agencies. Now that you know the prime eligibility criterion, go ahead call any expert GSA consultant and start making preparation for obtaining the coveted GSA Schedule Contract.