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How to Win a Government Contract

Do you wish to make it big in the federal market and trigger the growth of your small firm? Getting a government contract is the only fruitful option for small firms to make it big in the corporate world.

 If you own a small firm in the US, you might be aware of the fact that existence is one of the most important and looked about aspect for the companies in the federal market. Generally, small companies in the US, try to procure the hugely funded government projects to establish a steady flow of revenue and rank high than their competitors. If you also wish to bag a federal contract and kick-start your journey to success, then procuring a GSA Schedule contract is a must. It is an official license for your small firm to offer quality goods and services to federal companies and get benefited extensively.

 To get a piece of the billion-dollar federal contract pie, you are required to adhere to certain points, which include:


  • Make the federal buyers notice you- if you wish to get a federal contract, it is imperative that the government contractors and buyers are aware of your existence and well acquainted with your company’s strength and mode of operation. Conduct extensive market research and find out what federal agencies purchase and how they look for such services. Make sure your business coding is appropriate so that you appear on the radar of such federal buyers.


  • Encourage face-to-face meetings- procuring a federal contract depends extensively on your networking and business relationship building skills. Do not pass up the opportunities to meet with the government buyers who are accountable for the contract decisions.


  • Look out for the real opportunities- before you step into federal contraction, conduct an extensive market research to find out the lucrative options for your business. Analyze what kind of contract suits best for your particular firm. Selecting the perfect contract would help your small company climb the ladder of success easily. Make a gist of the contract, which are already awarded and learn about the firms, which won them.

 It takes a bit long to obtain the federal projects, so you need to be patient. If you are applying for the first time, it would consume around 18-24 months to get the federal contract. So do not rush and create haste.

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