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GSA Schedule Letter Of Supply – What is It All About?

Let’s face it! We want our businesses to get listed as federal suppliers and enjoy all the benefits of a government certified vendor. But have you thought that if you aren’t able to meet up with the inventory list that you have provided during GSA registration your certification would get stalled! Worse than that, you won’t get a second chance to apply at the GSA schedule contract in the near future. Now that can be scary for small business owners. But fear not, every problem has a solution somewhere. It all requires your patience and never-say-die attitude to dig up the secret key and find a way out!

If you happen to be a small business firm wanting GSA schedule contract approval to sell to federal customers yet cannot get the nod from the GSA authority as you do not manufacture the goods and products you sell, don’t worry. All you will need is a LOS or Letter of Supply. Simply put, a GSA schedule letter of supply is a commitment, which authenticates a manufacturer’s permission to sell their products through your company to federal customers. Here’s a brief knowhow on GSA letter of supply for your understanding.


 • The goods and products you’re selling to the government customers are all TAA (Trade Agreement Act) approved.
• The manufacturer gives you sole right to place their products under your company’s GSA inventory list
• It commits that the manufacturer would be liable to provide the necessary quantities of products as and when required as per GSA schedule contract
• The manufacturer would intimate you prior to any change (both increase and decrease of prices of the products) in pricing
• The LOS must be a printed on your manufacturer’s original letter head and stamped and dated properly for future reference if needed.
• The GSA schedule letter of supply must have the signature of the manufacturing company whose products you are to store in your GSA contract inventory for sale.

 So now that you know what LOS is and why you need to file a GSA letter of supply. So don’t miss out on this part once you’re applying for the schedule contract. May luck be with you!