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GSA Assistance To Help Small Businesses Win Government Contracts

GSA Schedules are a license for all those who are looking for opportunities in the federal marketplace. They are a government contract vehicle. So, if you are a small business that wants to win government contracts, take the help of a GSA consultant like us. We assist businesses in any phase of the GSA Schedule procedure. We can assess if the contract is right for your firm, prepare, negotiate and submit the offer, administer, comply and promote your GSA Schedule Contract.


 Advance GSA is an expert in determining the feasibility of securing a contract for your firm. The pre-assessment comprises GSA contract requirements review for determining if the firm conforms to the major contract requirements, assessment of whether the GSA Schedule is suitable for your firm, market research for determining if the government actually needs the goods/services that you provide and determining whether there is a GSA Schedule, which covers the products/services of your company.


 Advance GSA identifies the right GSA Schedule and the correct SIN’s, which needs to be included in the Proposal. We prepare the administrative, SF1449 and pricing and technical proposals, LoS, ORCA, CCR, CSP1, open ratings PPE report, and other supporting documents as mentioned in the Solicitation and attachments. We assist in the submittal process and with negotiations. Advance GSA even prepares the FPR, which needs to be given to the Contracting Officer.  After receiving the contract award, we review award documents and determine contract requirements, responsibilities and expectations.


 We help to comply with contract requirements like submitting the quarterly report, uploading of the products to GSA Advantage, IFF payments, registering for eBuy, preparing for GSA Audits, Contract Modifications, understanding contract requirements and obligations for keeping you informed on the recent acquisition policy alterations affecting your business.

 So, start with GSA Pre-assessment for determining whether the GSA Contract is suitable for your firm.