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Advantages of Procuring a GSA Schedule Contract

There are a number of benefits of having a GSA Schedule Contract. Here we have discussed the top five.

 GSA Schedule Contracts last twenty years

 A GSA Schedule Contract is for five years but it has a three 5-year renewal option, which means a company can hold a GSA Contract for twenty years. For the renewal process to be smooth, the company should keep up on the administration and meet the minimum sales requisite.

 Federal buyers favor businesses that hold a GSA Contract

 The federal buyers like Contracting Officers are always purchasing services and products for their Federal Agency. They feel secured when they buy their products or services through General Services Administration. They know that the contractors are pre-screened and prices they offer are pre-negotiated.  There is no chance of being caught in a scandal where taxpayer dollars will be wasted.

 Access to GSA’s e-Buy site

 By holding a GSA Schedule Contract, you can get an access to the e-Buy site of the General Services Administration where the federal buyers regularly post RFQs (Request For Quotes). You can view and respond to the RFQs that are posted on this site. You can even get email notifications for the Request for Quotes. However, you will only receive those quotes that fall into your GSA Schedule category and Special Item Numbers.

 Federal sales come to you

 Being a GSA Contract holder, you can have your information posted on the public site ( for the federal buyers like Contracting Officers to view. By posting here, you will allow the buyers to identify the services and products that they seek for. All these men, federal sales will come to you.

 Counties and States can buy your products/services through GSA

 Especially in the Security and IT Schedules, many buyers get an access to the GSA through the Cooperative Purchasing program. The buyers include County, State, Indian Tribes, City and more. At times of emergency too, these buyers can purchase from any GSA Schedule.