In determining if your potential 8(a) firm is price completive with your competition there are three government online tools you can utilize in order to determine if your firm is price competitive. It is true that 8a firms receive pricing preferences however knowing your market is always a good starting point.


GSA/8a CALC Labor Rate Tool

If you are thinking about doing work for the federal government and are not sure of what labor category rates you can expect to charge, the Contract Awarded Labor Category (CALC) Tool might be a great place to start.

CALC allows a user to search the GSA Schedule Award Data to see average wage rates per hour based upon educational level, experience, worksite location, business size, and the particular GSA Schedule the labor will be procured.

These rates should be compared to your firm’s current labor rates to see if your firm falls within one standard deviation as designated from the website results.

Screen Shot:

GSA Elibrary – Competitor Analysis

Process 1: If you know the specific name of a competitor that has a GSA Schedule the best way to do research is by typing the competitors name in the search field.


Process 2: If you do not know the exact name of the competitor you can search based upon the following process:
Step 1: Lookup the schedule in which your firm will be placed.


Step 2: Funnel down to the Category or proper SIN


Step 3: Find your competitor and Review their Pricelist


GSA Advantage– Competitor Analysis

Type in the name of the product in the search field and press GO!


Our Easy 8a Service Process

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